Coffee Partner

Coffee Partner

The company was established in 2013, it is owned by Mr. Adrian Bardhi who is also the sole partner of the company “Ad Pascucci Caffe” which is the exclusive distributor of coffee brand “Pascucci” for the entire Balkan area. AD Pascucci Caffe has twelve years of experience in the market with a significant and continuous growth in the coffee market, throughout Albania and the Balkans, Montenegro, Kosovo, etc.

Our company “Coffee Partner” sells hot and cold products through automatic coffee distributors (vending machine). “Coffee Partner” has started distribution in Durres area with about 50 automatic distributors and now owns over 350 distributed distributors serving its customers not only in Durres but also in Tirana, Fier, Lushnje, Vlora, Kavaja etc. The main product of our company is “Caffe Pascucci” and all its warm products of the brand “Pascucci”, of a very high and unique quality that only this product can offer and which is imported directly from Italy.



The main products that our company offers are the range of warm products “Pascucci” with the best quality in the Albanian market and the region, starting from coffee, chocolate, milk, tea and a diverse range of snack products. Our service and assistance in providing hot and cold products through automatic coffee distributors(vending machine), is very high quality and fast at any time required by our customers. Automatic coffee distributors (vinding machine) are from the last years of production 2014-2018 ,new, very productive and high quality with fast service and money back (change coins and banknotes).


Target Market

The company Coffee Partner Sh.P.K with several years of experience, offers services through vending machines. We offer the service in several cities of the country, such as: Tirana, Durrës, Kruja, Kavaja, Elbasan, Vlora, Fier, Lushnje, Berat, etc. The focus of the company is the clients, such as: non-private and private institutions, private financial institutions, public and non-public educational institutions, tailoring, call center, various factories and plants, etc.


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